SolidDesign Consultancy is a Product Design and Engineering Company offering Product Design, Concept Development, Engineering, Design Research and Management services. Our team of Product Designers and Engineers are based in the heart of Manchester, UK. From Product Research, CAD Realisation and even Rapid Prototyping, SolidDesign is an industry leading Industrial Design and Development Consultancy. With our experts in both design and engineering we stay at the forefront of technology and design, to help take your idea through the whole design process.

At SolidDesign’s we work closely with our Product Designers and Design Engineers to create products that are both attractive and user-friendly while being designed specifically as the customer requires. We believe that our strategy, experience and above all our design team, makes us the number one choice, or as our clients around the world have proven, SolidDesign is the choice for any client looking to develop their ideas, product ranges and business.

Design Services

  • Concept Development
  • IP/Patent Research
  • CAD Design
  • Prototyping
  • Managing Manufacturing

Design Services we offer

Product/Engineering Design

Our team of Design Engineers applies a balance of engineering and conceptual design to realise the full value of a project. We pride ourselves on delivering a complete design service so we provide clients with fully dimensioned and toleranced drawings with all necessary manufacturing information. We also can perform FEA and CFD analysis, used to assess the theoretical structural qualities of a design, and the predicted performance of the product.


Once the general Concept has been created and approved, we will use our in house Rapid Prototyping machines to produce accurate and functioning prototypes that allow you to see the final product and allows us to make any changes that you require. As well as rapid prototyping, we can produce production ready samples that will look and function like the final product.


Manufacturing a product can be very difficult, but SolidDesign is here to help. With trusted, quality assured UK and Far East manufacturing contacts, we can manage the process to produce high quality products while still achieving low cost production. We can manage the whole manufacturing process, dealing directly with manufacturers to ensure lead times and quality standards are met.